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Need help getting started?
It just takes 3 easy steps to enable your Mac readers to receive push notifications directly on their desktop…

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Best practices
There are a few things to consider when sending out pushes in order for both you and your readers to …

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How Desktop Push Notifications Work
As a reader, it lets you receive notifications on your desktop similar to the ones in the picture whenever a website that you have subscribed to has new content.

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What are desktop push notifications?

Desktop Push Notifications are the most direct and intimate way that your loyal readers can stay up to date with your content.

What’s the difference between Desktop push notifications, web push notifications, Safari Push Notifications and browser push notifications?

There is no difference. Apple calls them Safari Push Notifications and we use Desktop Push Notifications because we fell that this term expresses their role a bit more clear. Also, we can’t just use the “Safari” part, because we will soon release desktop push notifications for the other browsers as well.

How do my readers subscribe to desktop push notifications which I send?

Easy-peasy. When they navigate to your website in Safari 7 (or newer), on OS X Mavericks (or newer), they will automatically receive a prompt asking them if they would like to subscribe. Done.


How can I sign up to Push Monkey?

There are 2 options:

Where is the Push Monkey Dashboard?

The dashboard is the first screen you see after signing in on

What do the stats on the Push Monkey mean?


1. “Sent Notifications” represent the total number of notifications delivered in a month. The equation is number of subscribers * number of posts.

2. “Subscribers” represents your audience, the number of people who can receive Desktop Push Notifications sent by your website.

3. “Posts” stands for the number of posts and custom push notifications you have sent in that month.

4. This is a donut chart displaying how much of your plan’s quota you have used this month.

5. This charts shows how many notifications you have sent in the previous 7 days and how many of these notifications have been opened. Sometimes the number of opened notifications is quite low, but that is normal.

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When are desktop push notifications sent?

By default, desktop push notifications are sent after you publish a new post. The moment a new post goes into “Published” status in your WordPress Admin, our server is ready to notifiy all your subscribed readers.

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Can I write a new post without sending a desktop push notification?

Indeed you can. Depending on the purpose of what your writing is you can find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You can configure the Push Monkey Plugin to exclude posts that belong to certain categories.
  • On the post writing screen, inside WordPress, there is a widget with a checkbox to disable push notifications for that specific post. If checked, no notifications are sent, under no circumstances.
  • Writing a draft post. Drafts don’t send desktop push notifications. Only when a draft becomes published there is the possibility to send desktop push notifications.

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How does the disabling of push notifications from the Post editing page work?

When disabling push notifications from the widget visible on the post edit page, the plugin knows to not tell our servers that a notification should be sent. Full stealth mode: ON.

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Is there a free or trial plan?

Sure. If you’d like to just give push notifications a test, register for an account in here and when prompted to choose a pricing plan, select the “Start FREE Trial” button.

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Can I send a desktop push notification without publishing a new post?

Sure. We call them custom push notifications. There is a widget on the WordPress admin dashboard just for that.

[Screenshot of custom push notifications]()

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Can I use Google Analytics to track readers who open push notifications?

You sure can. Everytime a reader clicks on a push notification, he will be arrive on your webpage with a specific query string in the URL. This query string looks something like

This URL can be seen in the Google Analytics stats.

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How do you count sent desktop push notifications?

Let’s say you have 1000 subscribers and you posted 2 articles that have sent desktop push notifications. That means that 2000 notifications have been sent.

Sent desktop push notifications = number of subscibers * number of posts.

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How many desktop push notifications can I send?

This depends on the price plan you chose. If you are on the trial plan, you could consider yourself limitless. The aim of the trial plan is to discover which price plan would fit you best.

If you already chose a price plan, the limit is indicared in your Dashboard.

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Why display a banner prompting the users to sign up?

Displaying a visual cue to let your readers know about Desktop Push Notifications can lead to increased number of subscribers. The banners are meant to be nonobstructive and can be dismissed.

The banner has the message “Stay up to date with [Website Name] Open this website in Safari to sign up for Desktop Push Notifications” and an icon.

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When does the banner appear?

The banner appears when readers come to your website from Macs, but use any browser other than Safari, the banner appears. When accessing your website from Windows or Linux, your readers see no banner.

After dismissing the banner twice, the banner is no longer displayed.

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Where does the banner appear?

On every page of your WordPress site and the position is up to you. In your WordPress admin, under Push Monkey settings you can choose between a few positions on the screen.

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How to cancel my Push Monkey account.

First option: Shoot us an email at asking us for this. No questions asked, but any kind of feedback is warmly encouraged.

Second option: You can cancel your PayPal subscription directly from your PayPal account. More info here, under the section “Canceling a recurring payment, subscription or automatic billing agreement”.

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How many desktop push notifications should I send?

That is up to you, depending on the type and frequency of your content. Because desktop push notifications are a direct connection to your reader’s desktop, it’s recommended not to spam them. There is a very high chance that your readers will read the notification, so that space is very valuable.

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Can I disable the banner?

Yes. To do so select the “Disabled” option from the Dropdown.

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Can I sign up for the Fixed Priced plan after going trough the Free Trial plan?

For sure. Currently our Fixed Price plan is available over at Binpress or at Code Canyon.

To make the transition:

1. Go into your WordPress Admin -> Plugins, deactivate and delete the current version of the plugin. No worries, no data will be lost.

2. Download the .zip file from Binpress or Code Canyon.

3. Upload this .zip file in your WordPress plugins.

4. Activate the newly installed Push Monkey plugin.

5. Go to the Push Monkey Settings screen (from the left menu in your WordPress Admin) and Sign In with the credentials you already know.

6. Done!

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What is segmentation? What are segments?

Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and desires as well as common applications for the relevant goods and services.

Push Monkey allows you to define various segments, also known as topics, for the notifications that you will be sending.

Subscribers that have selected their topics of interest, will only receive relevant notifications.

If the subscribers have not specified their preferences, they will receive all push notification.

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Do push notifications support images?

Yes! Desktop Push Notifications displayed by Chrome 52 and above can display an image below the notification. Read more.

You can select the photo to be displayed when sending a notification either from the Dashboard on or from within Wordpress.

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What browsers and operating systems can display image for desktop push notifications?

Currently the only browser that can display images is Chrome, on both Mac and Windows, version 50 and above. Even though Firefox uses a similar system as Chrome, it does not display images. Safari is in a similar situation as Firefox.

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