Meet the team

We're a fully distributed team and we love traveling, meaning that we'll be fixing bugs and replying to your questions from around the globe!

Meet the team


Tudor Munteanu, Developer Monkey

Technical advisor for Push Monkey. Likes windmills.

Since Push Monkey was created, it’s been super fun to explore, iterate and evolve every aspect of desktop push notifications, WordPress integration, UI, the how’s and the why’s. Now that Push Monkey is in the hands of customers, I can sometimes be seen randomly jumping with joy.

Steve Sandifer, Marketing Monkey

Wordsmith. Strategist. Keeping our community giggling. Loves coffee.

Simply put, connecting publishers with Push Monkey and keeping them happy is beyond essential. My responsibility is to make sure we’re constantly providing people with the best, most complete and most useful experience out there – backed up by research and data. This puts a wide smile on my (bearded) face.

Push Monkey is a product of moWOW. Aside from full-stack web applications, we also build fun iOS games and apps. Mixing games with apps keeps our creativity in top shape.