Push Monkey Affiliate Program

Get paid every time you refer someone to Push Monkey.

Push Monkey Affiliate Program


If you have recommended Push Monkey to any of our partners or clients, we would like to say: Thank You!

It goes a long way and we believe that just saying thanks doesn’t cut it. That is why we created the Push Monkey Affiliate Program so you can also earn money when you talk about us. It’s an easy and free way for you to earn commission on your referrals and only takes seconds to set up.

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Why Become a Push Monkey Affiliate?


Seriously Sexy Product

Content distribution is as important as content creation and publishers are always looking to be one step ahead. That is why being able to send notifications to Mac readers’ desktops when posting new content is so sexy and relevant.


Quick & easy setup

It takes only a few seconds to create a Push Monkey affiliate link and start earning commissions. We’ve also prepared ready-to-use promotional tools and assets and we’re always ready to help should you have any questions.


Regular payouts

As an affiliate, you earn 25% or 40% commission every time a new customer signs up to Push Monkey via your link and makes a purchase. Payouts occur 30 days after purchase and we make sure it’s a no frills process.

How It Works

Create an affiliate account.
Either login with your Push Monkey account or you can create a new account and sign up today for free.

Get your affiliate link
Use your new affiliate URL to refer Push Monkey. Take advantage of the banners and resources and display them on your sites.

Decide what to do with the money
You earn money for every new customer you refer to us. You get real-time data on your earnings and regular payouts.

Program Details


Commission rate
25% or 40% commission on any qualified purchase from a new customer that you have referred.


Accurate Reporting
How much you’ve earned, from what type of signups and sums.


Wide range of promo tools
From links and banners to tweets and gif images, we have you covered so you can start earning right away.


Regular Payouts
Fast and easy transfers with regular payout dates, via PayPal.